Thank you for yesterday's update allowing images to link to sights via Metrics and Sheet Data widgets.  My staff and clients will appreciate it.  Now it's time for me to build more Sights.  I am able to import an image from another BI Dasboard software to a cell and present it on our current and future sights.


Thanks Chuck, great to hear and we're glad you are making good use of the new functionality.


We're currently working on additional enhancements that will provide more ways to add images to Sights. A new Image widget will allow users to insert images directly in a Sight, without adding them to a sheet first. Stay tuned.

Chuck -


Are those graphics (green, yeelow and black in your image) built in smartsheet or are they imported from elsewhere?


Also, can you give an idea on the cost of 'sights?' I think they may have changed the licensing approach from when it was a flat $3k.



They are from a Third Party Software solution we use for BI Dashboards, not SmartSheet.  The Software is ReportPlus, by Infragistics.  The dashboards are nice but I am hoping to move away from this piece of software to something more adaptable to our systems. 

FYI - the cost quoted to me was $500/year per 'creator' license. after the firsttwo licenses the cost goes down to $350/year/creator.

I knew the image feature was coming but I can't see how to add on my Sights.  Is there someting I need to do to enable it?

Christine, use the Metric widget to select a cell containing an image.