Our company just changed name, and hence email addresses have changed (from name@oldcompany.com to name@newcompany.com)

I'm the admin, and trying to get the users switched to their new email address. When a user tries to switch their email via their personal settings, it's not possible - perhaps because I had created their new email addresses in my contact list.

So I've been looking at the help article on dealing with this:  https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2392037-change-the-email-address-used-with-your-smartsheet-account

However, not all users have access to a 3rd email address... is it possible to use my email address as the temporary 3rd email for the users to handle this changeover?





The third email has to be an email that has never been used with Smartsheet before. Therefore, using your email will not work. I would recommend to have those who don't have a third email to create a temporary one via Gmail for example (it's free) and then use that third email to make the changes. 

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Technical Support Specialist