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  • Send an email to a contact from the sheet?
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    I'm building a sheet that contains various users in different roles on different teams.  I'd like to email the users listed in a column when a change is made to a record.     ex. I capture a program manager name in column D and when a ch…
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  • February Release Highlights
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    Our new release focuses on Card View improvements with lanes by assigned user, Contact List column improvements that make your important contacts easier to select, as well as number formatting and international currency improvements. Note…
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  • Update Request to Contact List
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    As administrator I would like to setup update request weekly to assigned contacts (responsible parties) from a contact list.  Is this functionality available?   Thank you, Jay
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  • Filter to show Current User must be Contact List column
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    I noticed this new feature to show the Current User is in the Jan 17 2017 Product Release, but I dont' think the Help Article has been updated on this...maybe I missed it.   To clarify, if you want to use this feature to create a Filter …
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  • sign-in sheet/roster
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    I’ve been tasked w/ creating a sign-in sheet/roster tracking when and how often volunteers are volunteering.  Looking to have either one person manages or have individual volunteers sign-in and mark off.  Would like fields:  Full Name, Fun…
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  • Update request to mailer doesn't work?
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    Is there an accepted practice for sending an update request to multiple people? A contact column can only accept one contact rather than a list.   I tried sending an update to a pre-defined mailer list, but when I send these requests, …
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  • resource-based Notifications per line item
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    Hi community   I recently created a sheet which employees in our company can complete through a webform.   I was wondering if it is possible to send a notification to one of our team members in case a certain field is chosen (dependenc…
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  • Conditional Statements
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    Hi Everyone,    I would like to as add formula to the start date and finish date of the task/project like, if the duration is less than 3days, the result will "rush fee applies" like a note.   And, another formula is for lang…
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  • Work around to formulas across sheets
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    I am working with 2x sheets - one a CRM, the other a job list. I would like to be able to flag on the Job list when a customer name is entered which is not already in the CRM. In Excel I could use a combination of ISERROR & MATCH to …
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  • Encoding for importing csv file
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    Hello   My csv file to import contacts has accented characters and these ones are not recognized (or badly converted) when importing. I tried my file with UTF-8, UTF-8-without BOM and ANSI encoding and same result for all 3.   Does an…
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