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  • Multiple emails for a single "My Smart Sheet Contacts" contact
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    Hello,   As I am entering emails for account (each row) I have an email column which I later plan to output into excel with first and last name and then import into My Smartsheet Contacts, unless someone suggests a better way to do this.…
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  • Editing User Name
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    I'm trying to get all of my contacts organized and there is one in the User Management Group that is greyed out, thus it won't allow me to edit how their name appears (it's in all lower case - OCD!!!).   Help? Loann
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  • social media symbol set
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    Since we can't upload our own set of symbols, you really should add a social media symbol set to the choices.  It would be incredibly helpful when it comes to media planning and tracking, to be able to make a drop down with those symbols. …
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  • Alerts for Non shared users
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    Is there any way we can send alert or reminder to user which don't have authorization to sheet but email id appear in a contact list
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  • Emailing report or report link... what schedule options?
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    I have set up reports so that users will only receive notifications on rows tied to them.  What are my scheduling options?   Can I have the report sent when a change is made?  Or does have to be sent once a day (or whatever the schedule …
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  • Contacts - name and company as ID
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    I am using Samrtsheet where I invite many participants to view or edit the sheets. Often I also have man y different users (contacts) that should be assigned to a task. The problem occurs when I have contacts with the same name e.g. John …
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  • Remove duplicates from my Assigned To column?
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    When I assigned a task to my colleague, I noticed she was listed in the Assigned To column twice. One of the options just has her email address and the other one has both her name and her email address. How can I remove one of these?
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