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  • Calculating SLA based on time/hour formula
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    Hi @Paul Newcome I thought I would write a new thread and @ your name on this post. Hope thats ok. Taking this from Formulas for Calculating Time thread. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…
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  • Math formulas across multiple cells
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    Hello all, Any help on the following issue would be very much appreciated. I have a scoring matrix built in to Smartsheet (See below). I would like to multiply the score of each cell for each criteria (Strategic Init Impact Score, Busines…
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  • Help using a multiple cell criteria from a source sheet to auto populate a formula sheet
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    I'm stuck. Really stuck. I've attempted more than 30 formulas. I hope someone can help me. I am using a master HR data file with 1500+ rows (reference/source sheet) to auto-populate a training enrollment roster (formula sheet), only I don'…
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  • Dashboard with Filters - Best Practice
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    Hi all, I am pretty new to Smartsheet and will need your help to build a dashboard. What is the best practice to create one? GRID I have multiple salespeople in my team, each of them have their own grid. The grid looks something like this…
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  • Finding Distinct Values in Two Columns
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    Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to find the number of distinct values in two columns. In this case I am looking to find if there is an overlap between start and completion dates for a given crew lead. Is there a reason that I am g…
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  • Return Value if Between Dates
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    Hello! I have a [DATE SUBMITTED] column and need to create a reference column that returns the fiscal year that date falls in. Something like this -  =IF [DATE SUBMITTED] > 10/01/17 AND [DATE SUBMITTED] < 09/30/18 RETURN "FY18…
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  • Formula need to separate mixed text from a single column into separate columns
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    Using the LEFT or RIGHT formula currently as a means to separate the [Sales Rep Info] column. Problem is I can only figure out how to do it by number of characters. I need the formula to separate first and last name into a new column an…
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  • Check for Duplicates and Blanks
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    I want to check a column for duplicate entries, but if the field is blank, I want it to be ignored. So far, here's what I have. It works for checking duplicates, but if it's blank it still sets it's value to 1 (because there are multiple b…
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  • Sumifs Formula with a Contain
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    I am trying to get the sum of hours worked IF the "Office" Column = Administrative Solutions. The Office column is a multi-select dropdown. =SUMIFS({Project Intake with Form Range 1}, {Project Management Tracker- Discovery to C…
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