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  • 2 Reports not showing on my published dashboard
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    When I publish my dashboard 2 reports are stating they need to be viewed on Smartsheets. the other 3 reports have viewed no problem. They all have the same permissions levels. HTTP s://…
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  • Sheet Publishing to Teams
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    Hi all- I'm having two possibly related issues. Our institution uses Teams extensively, so I'd like to integrate Smartsheet Dashboards and Sheets into Teams. I added users that are not part of my organization to both a Dashboard and Sheet,…
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  • Hide comments in a published report?
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    Hi there, Is it possible to hide comments in a published report? I see this is an option when publishing a sheet as "Read only - HTML", but this option does not appear to be available when publishing a report. There are comments …
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  • Digital Signature
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    Hi all,   I've searched for this topic, but i could not find directly what  i was looking for. Is there on Smartsheet any functionality for digital signature that doesn't require pairing our service with another software? All the solut…
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  • Publishing a dashboard with embeded code. Error: "The sheet you are trying to publish is no longer..
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    I am trying to publish a dashboard with embeded code into a sharepoint site and I get the error "The sheet you are trying to publish is no longer published. Please contact the owner" I am the owner and the link of publishing is O…
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  • Can we bulk export sheets to PDF that are part of a report?
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    This question stems from a previous topic. Given a report that pulls from 10 sheets (updated by different PM), can I bulk export all sheets to PDF so I can drop them in a Box folder for archiving with a weekly report summary?
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  • Can you set a time limit and or set a new link for Published Sheets?
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    Hi All, I would like to publish a sheet without a login which includes documentation for a Project Tender to a set group of recipients. I have created my sheet so it contains Part 1 - Tender documents and Part 2 - Construction documentatio…
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  • iframe will not scroll on ipad?
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    Hi, when I embed the iframe of a sheet in a website, on an ipad, you can't scroll the sheet right - left or up - down. Anyone else had the issue and know how to fix it? Thank you
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  • How to change iframe width?
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    Hi, normally when embedding iframe codes into a website, you can adjust the width and height. However, that does not seem to work with smartsheets. Using the example below, no matter if I change the codes to WIDTH=1500 or WIDTH=100% nothi…
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  • Calendar App - Does it function like report and can a filtered view be published?
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    Multi-part question here... Can the Calendar App source data from multiple sheets? If so, does it have a "current user" filter option like reports to show all tasks assigned to the current user in a calendar format? If so, can t…
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    Answered ✓ 65 views 1 comment Most recent by Genevieve P. Apps, Integrations, and Add Ons