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"Edit" Option in Publish Reports

As a user i want to Publish a Report and have also the option "Edit" in the sharing properties , (not only "View " )this because i can embed it in a Dashboard and modify it from there

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  • Jen B.
    Jen B. ✭✭

    @NDF 100% agree! This functionality is essential to simplifying user interaction with the platform and minimizing the need to navigate between multiple sheets. I've recently built a customized solution based on the PMO Project Management template, that is used to facilitate fulfillment of a complex business process. Thus, my toolkit is also complex.

    Most of my users/collaborators are not tech savvy, so I need to supply the simplest, most streamlined interface I can possibly configure. My department is migrating this existing process from its current location on SharePoint (which is familiar and comfortable for most users), to Smartsheet (generally unfamiliar and intimidating). It's critical that I deliver a simple, intuitive interface to maximize corporate-wide uptake of this new platform.

    For me, any enhancement that enables editing of embedded reports on dashboards must also be accompanied by a feature to dynamically extract and reference the corresponding embed code(s) that are generated for new projects provisioned via Control Center. Currently, the embed codes referenced on project-level dashboard templates are static; when a project is provisioned, they do not update accordingly. Instead, they continue to reflect the embed code on the original template sheet, making them useless on a dashboard.

    (side note, Dynamic View also suffers from a similar limitation; it isn't possible to include a DV "template" in my Control Center toolkit that will dynamically update to reflect a newly provisioned project)

    Keeping my fingers crossed that just such a feature may already exist somewhere further up the pipeline. 🤞

  • I work with a large amount of people who need to be able to see and edit some things from our smartsheets but we don't want them to be able to edit everything and we want them to be able to find their specific information quickly. If we were able to publish reports for editing, anyone we shared the link with would be able to edit only the lines we wanted them to be able to access. It would be extremely helpful if reports were able to be published for editing, not just for sharing.

  • I am running into problems with customers being made to create a SS account in order to edit a published sheet. I have set permissions for anyone to edit that has the link, but they hit a roadblock when they have to create an account. This is not user friendly for our customers.