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  • Links are not working from published reports
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    Nov 20th the ability to click on links in reports stopped working! I have submitted tickets and not a single reply or any help of any kind!    Example = returns this:  This site can’t be reached ht…
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  • Is there a way to publish a sheet that defaults to a view?
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    I'd like to publish my sheet and have it default to the gantt view so that users see the gantt view by default. Right now, the default view only shows the grid. Is it possible to change the default view when publishing a link?
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  • Smartsheet calendar fail to sync with Google Calendar
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    Hi Community, I'm a smartsheet beginner and hoping I can get some help here. When I follow the steps to publish a smartsheet calendar to Google calendar, the process seems smooth without any trouble. But somehow when I check my google ca…
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  • Welcome screen - non-enterprise account
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    I am the system admin for a business account. I'd like to create a dashboard (with useful links to the most relevant sheets, forms and workspaces) for all users to see when they first log in to Smartsheet rather than seeing the last sheet …
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  • Publish a Dashboard link with expiry date
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    Hello, I would like to publish a link to one of my dashboards with an expiry date, is that possible? Maybe there is a workaround that someone uses? Thank you in advance!
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  • Publishing Dashboards
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    Good day,  Hoping the community can help with this quick question - when a dashboard is published, are changes to the data or source sheets still reflected on the dashboard?  We want to use this dashboards for reporting purposes but have…
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  • Cell linking broke my sheet!
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    Yikes. I was trying out the cell linking feature now my sheet is messed up and tells me to log out and back in. I tried to delete the linked cells and save but it won't let me.  I can't save or publish. I can't revert..... Reached out to s…
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  • Dashboard Publishing
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    I have a dashboard that I have added the link to other dashboards.  I have published all the dashboards.  When I share the link with those without smartsheet access they are only able to view the main dashboard.  When they try to access an…
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  • Publishing only filtered list to google calendar
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    I'm having an issues with "Publish to Googgle Calendar". Every time I've publish some task in google from SamrtSheet, SmartSheet publishes everything in my Google calendar instead of publishing the specific tasks assigned to me. …
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  • Using the new conversation feature
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    Please tell me there's a way to have contractors (need access to a published sheet outside of our organization) have the ability to use the conversation feature, but with no other edit rights.
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