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  • Smartsheet Dashboard published within MS Sharepoint 2016
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    I want to take a Smartsheet Dashboard that is interactive and put it as a web part within MS SharePoint 2016 site.  I use the page viewer webpart and provide the web page link offered up when I publish the dashboard, but once I apply it, a…
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  • Publishing vs. Sharing Forms -> Reports -> Dashboards
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    Hi! I have a sheet the collects information through a form. So, a user submits a request through the form, it gets recorded in the sheet. One sheet holds all user requests. I have a report created that filters the rows based on the curren…
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  • Force Publish links to open in same window
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    Hi there, Hopefully a quick one:  Is there a way I can force publish linked to open in the same window, rather than opening a new tab every time? We have built a network of dashboards + portals that we share externally via a publish lin…
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  • Export or Print Multiple Reports Through Action Drop Down
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    Anyone know of a way to batch export or print reports? Planning on running upwards of 50 reports and I want to be able to print through the actions drop down to capture all of them at once rather than opening individually and clicking prin…
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  • Kanban View - printing or saving to PDF
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    In the Kanban sheet, can this be saved to PDF in card view or printed in card view ? currently it shifts to list view when printing.
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  • Anyone able to publish IN card view WITH a filter active?
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    ... at level 2 or level 3?? (Hopefully I have successfully redacted most of that URL) I tried pasting a filter onto the end of a published URL. The page opened fine but ignored the filter id. I can activate the filter, but I do not want m…
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  • Export a Published Report
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    Hello -    I have published reports to a dashboard that my clients can go and check.  However, I've noticed that, if you're looking at a published, read-only report, you can't export it into any useful format, such as excel.   Is there…
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  • Published calendar on Outlook - wrong dates
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    Hi, everyone. I am having an issue with dates when publishing a sheet to iCal. The sheet has several date columns, and it has the following settings (images below): "warranty expiration" as the sole date for the calendar calendar…
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  • Publishing and Google Search indexing and crawling
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    Business and Enterprise users can publish a sheet, report, or dashboard. My question is can these pages be discovered by Google Search indexing and crawling? These are the options I refer to: I looked at the page source on a sheet I publi…
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  • Publishing
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    Does Smartsheet support deployment to the following sites? iFrame Sharepoint/.NET WordPress Thanks!
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