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  • Report on all sheets I am part of as Assigned To
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    Many of our team members will be allocated to many different sheets. 1. Is there a feature how to make a report showing all sheets I am assigned to?, and as a continuation a report showing specific tasks in those projects, for example Gat…
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  • Count Number of Cells that Contain Certain Text?
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    Hello, I am trying to count the number of cells that contain certain words, such as "NYSEG" or "RGE," when the cells may contain more than one of these words. I have tried using =COUNT(FIND("ConEd", [Utiliti…
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  • database
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    Hello, Smartsheet team! I work for a medical equipment sales company which is intereted in create a database of all our client’s equipment. We want to sort all this information out in order to eliminate paperwork. We need to apply differe…
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  • Separate notifications for added rows
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    Hi, I want to create a separate notifications for each row that is added when certain conditions apply. I'm sharing a screenshot of how the notification is set up. The issue that I have is that if more than one row is added before saving…
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  • Sales Pipeline - Period View
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I have a few sheets of Sales Pipeline for each Manager. I have brought all of the estimates sales data together in a separate sheet and created a Dashboard using this. However, I would like to only see data relevant to the particular …
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  • Column Number Function
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    Hi is there a function that can return the column number when given the column name? This would help when columns are added in sheets that have vlookups referencing them.
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  • IFERROR Formula
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi All, Hope you're keeping well. I've recently started playing with IFERROR's and updating some existing sheets. I have a sheet that reports with each row being a week of the year. Many of the formulas for "Rows in the future"…
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  • Any Plans to add "Funnel" Chart to dashboard options?
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    It would be REALLY useful to be able to visualize pipeline via a funnel chart.
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    In API & Developers
    We have been using HYPERLINK("", "Click Here") in both excel and google spreadsheet, and since we need jotforms integration for client our current links in smartsheet is very long and creating hyp…
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  • How to set recurring reminders
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    I have been searching through the posts and found this formula: =IF(Complete4 = 0, TODAY(), “”) using my own column names. Each time I've tried to accept the formula, I get this error message: unparseable. Am I missing some of the formula …
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