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  • users feel intimidated by Smartsheet
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    I collaborate with many people who have no PM experience and/or prefer memo-style information over cell-based.  Some people feel overwhelmed by the tool so they send emails rather than update Smartsheet.  Beyond the training and show-me se…
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  • Using Smartsheet data to populate project documents
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    I looking for opportunities to streamline the production of project updates / documentation by trying work out the best way to use data already captured in various smartsheets to populate project updates to our product development steering…
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  • interconnecting several sheets (to manage employee action items)
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    Is it possible to share 2 or more interconnected sheets such that there is a parent sheet and multiple child sheets and the parent rolls up the info on the child sheets, allowing any changes on either the parent or child shows up for the o…
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  • Filtering
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    What's the best way to show just the rows in a sheet that are assigned to me? If I apply a filter to the column it affects the sheet for everyone else, right?
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  • Creating a Workspace with already shared sheets
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    Hello everyone,    So I would like to know wether I need to share a workspace that I have created with sheets that haave already been shared.   I have shared 2 x Inventory lists with the team (we are a small team so that was simple) ho…
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  • Sharing
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    Hi there SS community, If I am running several sheets, when I share a sheet with someone... is that the only sheet that person sees? Thanks,  
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  • RSS Inbound Feed
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    I'd like to take an RSS feed and have it populate rows in a SmartSheet document. Is there a way to consume external data so it is automaticly added to my documents?
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  • Shared To Me and grouping sheets/workspaces
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    Right now I have about two dozen sheets shared to me. That number is about to significantly increase... because the people that are sharing the sheets with me work on different projects, is there a way to "view" or "group&qu…
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  • Webform Offline Submissions
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    Hello hello!   Just wondering if there is an option/way to submit an existing Webform while offline? Say the person filling the webform has lost all internet connection or is travelling and has time to finally get across those pesky requ…
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  • Multiple Projects in IT, each may impact the other. Is there a smartsheet for this?
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    We are a firm working on one project in IT.  We understand, after interviewing people in many different departments that other projects will impact our project.  How can we manage this using smartsheet?  Is there a template available for i…
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