Is there a way (or an add in) to drag or attach photos directly from Google photos to the attachment window in a sheet? 

I  know I can upload from a Google drive but that requires me to save my photos to my drive. The other option is to save them to my computer. It's cumbersome to do that.


Hi all!

I want to create a checklist for the cleaners who turn over my airbnb properties.  I know how to create this checklist but there are a few specific things that I need it to do and can't figure out how.  Any advice would be appreciated!

1) This checklist will need to be filled out each clean.


Looking for best way to share and store documents (Word, Excel, Visio, PDF, etc) inside of a workspace. .. Ultimately, would like to have a tree of folders that will serve as a Data Room for a particular project.

Has anyone tackled this previously? Any way to make it work effectively without having



Is it possible to create a pdf report based on one form entry? I know I can send an email confirming what has been entered on a form, however I would like to make this a pdf attachment rather than the body of the email.


Hi All,

I want to send automated notifications to my employees containing their absence records.

To do so I need to be able to send their Head row (containing their remaining balance of sick days/holidays/bereavement leave ...) and their children rows (1 row per period of absence) as attachment.



Hello, I am unable to take an email document stored in smartsheet and save to box.  I have tried to download the email, save it to computer desktop and receive the error.

"a resource is busy or you lack sufficient access rights or permissions"

I have tried to download the email document and while