Type double-curly brackets around the column name {{column name}} in the subject or body, along with any other desired text, when typing a custom alert message—either at the time of creating an alert rule or while editing an existing one.

For more information on this feature, see our help article: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2477796


I can't seem to get this to do anything other than add {{ }} around the column name in the subject or body. I have read the help article, but can't seem to get this to do anything...

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Hi Paul,

I had to sign out and sign back in, then edit the subject and body on a rule today in order for it to work for me.

Try going into your rule and deleting then re-adding the brackets.

Refresh your browser and possibly sign out and back in to Smartsheet.

If neither of those work, please reach out to our Support team so that they can troubleshoot further.

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I am having trouble with {{columnname}} today too.  I have support ticket open for other rule issues - I'm wondering if the dynamic fields is part of overall "Rules Issues"

That did the trick. Thanks!

This is awesome.

Do placeholders work in REMINDERS?

Hi All—

I'm closing this announcement to comments. If you have any questions about the dynamic placeholders feature, please start a new community discussion.