You can now reference data from other sheets in formulas!

Create a master lookup table sheet and use VLOOKUP to find data on another sheet.

More information on this new feature is available in our help center: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476606-formulas-reference-data-fr…


Great addition to the Smartsheet platform.

Great job!



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Hi Andrée,

Glad you're enjoying the new feature!

On another note, it looks like our Web team fixed that issue where you weren't receiving community notification emails. You may get a few all at once (if you haven't already), I've been told it can take a while for our system to go through the backlog and send the emails.

This will have the biggest impact on my ability to choose smartsheet for SO MUCH of my structured data needs!   FINALLY

Finally this function has arrived. Great work guys. winkyes

Hello, in terms of formulas slowing down sheets at times, would this vlookup formula be better to use rather than a long nested If formula (which we are currently using for prices)?

Also a question, can you have a cell reference instead of a text value as the search value?

for example instead of the example below:

=VLOOKUP("T-Shirt", [Clothing Item]1:Stock3, 2, false)

change to

=VLOOKUP([Product]1, [Clothing Item]1:Stock3, 2, false)

where [Product]1 is a column in the current sheet (not the look up sheet) as the products will change from line to line but the formula could still look up the stock code or price from the vlookup sheet regardless of the data in the [Product]1 column



Hi Lou,

Yes, you can definitely use a reference as the lookup value.

Regarding performance, depending on the particular use case VLOOKUP may be faster than nested IFs. In any case it will typically be easier to understand and maintain, especially if your table has more than a few values. You may like to test it out to determine if you'd like to switch over.