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  • Share my sheets
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    Hi, I have a bunch of sheets I need to share to my team. It takes FOREVER to share them all to each and every one. Does anyone know of a faster way to do this? Thanks
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  • Remove duplicates from my Assigned To column?
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    When I assigned a task to my colleague, I noticed she was listed in the Assigned To column twice. One of the options just has her email address and the other one has both her name and her email address. How can I remove one of these?
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  • Can you share sheets with non Smartsheet users?
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    I am working with a consultant who does not want to create a Smartsheet account. Is there any way to share a sheet with someone and allow them edit the sheet without forcing them to create a Smartsheet account?
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  • Automating RYG balls
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    I would like to automate the RYG balls in my sheet to turn “Green” if the Due Date is in the future, “Yellow” if the Due Date is today, and “Red” if the Due Date is in the past. Is this something Smartsheet can do?  
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  • Help! I accidently deleted a sheet and need it back!
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    I accidently deleted a sheet that contains important inormation and I didnt create a backup. Is there anyway to recover my sheet?
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  • Question about sharing sheets in a workspace
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    Is it possible to share just one sheet in a workspace, rather than sharing the entire workspace? I have a sheet in a workspace that I need to share with a collegue but I dont want to give them access to all the sheets in the workspace. Tha…
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  • Syncing Smartsheet calender with Outlook
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I have been using the Smartsheet calender for awhile but we use Outlook calendar at work and I was wondering if there was a way to sync my Smartsheet calendar with my Outlook calender. Is this possible? 
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  • What is the best way to backup my data in Smartsheet?
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    My company is adding a lot of important and senstive data to our sheets and I am concerned that one of our users might accidently delete data that we need. What would be the best back to backup all of our sheets? Is there feature that will…
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