Ticketing - Is there a way for an user to see their submitted tickets?

edited 01/24/23 in Smartsheet Basics

We have a form for clients to submit marketing requests. Currently, only we (the marketing team) see all the requests in our sheets and dashboards, but the clients only have an email copy with no way of seeing the live status of their requests or making edits to their requests. Sometimes people submit duplicate requests because they forgot they submitted a request already since there's no way of seeing their tickets except in their inbox.

Is there a way to implement some sort of portal or dashboard for clients to be able to see their own tickets with status? Currently the clients are accessing the form without a Smartsheet account to keep it simple, so if there's a way to put a simple prompt asking for their email address would be enough to see their requests. But if there's a more intuitive way to do it if they were to sign up for a free account, then I can justify that.