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This is the error I'm receiving on my sheet summary page. Please note that the sheet is "set up" with columns and necessary formulas, there is just no information entered yet.

Every time I open this sheet, I get the error above. To fix this problem, I just copy the formula, delete it, then re-paste it.

This is after I re-pasted the same exact formula that was giving me an error.

The formula I am using is this. =IFERROR(MEDIAN([Contract Amount]:[Contract Amount]), "Calculation error. Contact Admin.")

This is the formula that I am using. I've looked it over it numerous times, it seems like a pretty simple formula that is hard to mess up on. Does IFERROR not account for #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET? And why does repasting the same formula in the same exact field "fix the problem"? Shouldn't there also be a 0 in that field as well, since it's calculating nothing? Or should there be my message "Calculation error. Contact Admin."?

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

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