Conditional Formatting Across Sheets

Hi, we have a Scheduling Sheet (with columns, wk 01, wk 02, wk 03, wk 04, etc). A Delivery Date column links into this sheet from another sheet.

What we do at present is highlight the relevant week column based on the date in delivery date, so for example from Jan 2nd to Jan 8th is wk 01 this year. (See screenshot attached)

The problem is the Delivery Dates can often change so the highlighted cell needs to then be manually changed. We are looking at a way of automating this and thought using conditional formatting might work, so that if the date falls within a certain range it highlights the relevant column (Screenshot attached).

We need to do this across multiple sheets so are wondering if there is any method where a Template or Master Sheet can be setup and the Conditional Formatting can then be applied to certain sheets without having to update each individually? Would Control Centre allow us to do this?