Copy from Row to Row that include multiple Grid sheets

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Hello, this may be an easy one to answer but I have a question. I have a Grid Sheet that I use per project, all projects use the exact same Sheet template. I then use a Project Intake Grid sheet which Row 1 might be rollup information for Project A grid sheet and Row 2 for rollup information for Project B grid sheet etc. Each row collects the exact same information for each project row and use the exact same formulas to gather the information. The only thing that needs to change from row to row is the project Grid Sheet name. All column references etc. are the same across the project sheets. I would like to just copy Row 2 of my Project Intact Form and copy it down to a new row 3 of my project intake form and then just change the name of the tables the information is being pulled from. When I use the copy function and change the name it also messes the row that I copied it from. Is there a best practice method that I should be using to accomplish this task.

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    Instead of changing the cross sheet reference, highlight the entire reference including the curly brackets so that the link in the formula helper box changes from "Edit Reference" to "Reference Another Sheet".

    The absolute easiest way would be to use the premium add-on Control Center. Otherwise it is a manual process. the API or the premium add-on Bridge may also be able to accomplish this, but Control Center is definitely the easiest way to get it done.