Automatic Weekly Updates: Gather rows that meet criteria

Josh Reed
Josh Reed ✭✭✭✭✭

Hello all,

I would like to build automation to send out updates to business owners/requesters who have active projects with my company. I'm not sure how to do this other than on a row by row basis... this means that requesters with say 20 projects will get 20 individual email updates for each one. Is there a way to add all applicable rows to a single email notification?

I have heard you can create a contact list and send reports filtered by the names on that list to each person, I don't immediately understand how that could be done due to automation limitations but this could be an option. A downside to this method is that it would require us to maintain the contact list manually. This is a major downside as we will be handing over this workspace to a group that is not Smartsheet savvy yet.

My current alternative is a report with every project embedded on a portal that filters by user per the "requester" column. This requires all requesters to create a smartsheet account with the same email address they used on the intake form but shouldn't be a big deal. My boss still prefers we work out a solution to the original idea so I am seeking advice from the community.

Anyone have any ideas?




  • Sara Bittner

    Hey Josh,

    The automation for send update will condense into 1 e-mail! You can also add conditions to only send relevant information or set it to send on a regular schedule. I set the below workflow to just the contact column (for yours I think it's assigned?). Hopefully this works for you!