Linking Sheets in Workspace, Cell Pull through based on conditions

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I am creating a series of sheets in a workspace. The idea is that there is one master log that feeds other logs as it is updated. The child logs would be fed once a condition on the master log is met, the kicker is that I don't want a line for line transfer leaving me with blank lines if a line on the master log has not met the condition to be pulled to the child log.

What is the recommended formula and would I need to put it in every cell or just the first cell of the row?


  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @wheath

    I think Reports or the Copy Row Function would work here.

    Reports would talk back and forth with the Sheet but all columns on the Report must exist on the Sheet. Also, users would need access to the Sheet to be able to see the Report, unless you are using WorkApps.

    The Copy Row Function can be found in the Automation button on the upper left. The Automation options can be overwelming at first but each option is pretty straight forward and easy to learn. Although all the Automations would reside on the Parent Sheet, you will need a different Automation for each Sheet you are copying to. For example, a dropdown option on the Parent Sheet's column for North, East, South, West could be set up to send all the Norths to the North sheet etc.

    Notes on the Copy Row Function: this is not a 2 way street, but a 1 way 1 one time push. Also, it will copy all the columns from the sheet to the report but I usually push all the unneeded columns to the right and hide them. And I usually end up creating a report off the sheet anyway so the columns are not on the working file at all.

    Lastly, to the question about the formula in the 1st row or all the rows/cells; Smartsheet has the Column Formula option. After you enter a formula, right click on the cell and at the bottom of the pop-up menu choose Convert to Column Formula. That ensures the formula is on every row even if you have blank rows between data.

    I know that was a lot of info but I hope it helps.


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