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I have a form for people to submit dinner menus for themselves and for up to 11 guests (but there would be 12 children as the primary contact meal would be a child as well), plus drinks. This forms feed into a sheet that has 74 potential columns of information. As you can imagine, it is too large to really see anything.

I found this thread - and attempted to build a separate sheet to create vertical report.

Ideally, the new report would look like this

I created the helper column but then got stuck trying to pull through the other information. I tried using this formula =INDEX({UB23 - Guests and Food Range}, MATCH([Primary Contact]@row),{Helper Column},0), MATCH([Primary Column]@row,{Top Row},0)). With no luck.

Any help/information you could provide that would be great.



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    At what point are you getting stuck? Would you be able to just use the group by within the reporting feature to eliminate the helper column? See example below.

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