Automation not working consistently


Hello everyone,

I am getting inconsistent results with the following automation on some of my sheets. Some of these are working fine but here is an example of one that is not:

The workflow itself is fine because I can manually run it and alerts will be sent. So my problem is really only that the Assignees above will not receive an email notification unless I manually run the workflow. Any ideas?




  • AOW0415
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    edited 02/07/23

    Hi @TroyDunn ,

    I'm not totally sure on this one but I think the automation is trying to pull the "Request an Update" action first and then the "Alert Someone" action. Try taking the "Request an Update" portion out and see what it does. In this case, I believe, the action which is listed first following your condition is the one that the automation pulls. If this is the case, you may want to prioritize which one you have listed first. Do you want an update or do you want to alert someone only? If you do need both, you may need to run a separate and singular automation for the outstanding action item. I am only brainstorming...not an expert; only trying to help.

  • TroyDunn
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    Thank you. I will try that and update everyone on the results.