Smartsheet Estimate to Quickbooks Online

Donella ✭✭
edited 02/08/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Can an estimate created in Smartsheet be exported to Quickbooks Online for invoicing, WIP, etc? For lack of a better description, I want to essentially hit a button and have all my estimate line items in the Smartsheet estimate populate a Quickbooks estimate, which I can then use to bill clients, pay subcontractors, order materials, create change orders, WIP reports, profitability reports, etc, in QB.

So my main question is, can this be done?

Is there an integration app needed, or can it be done directly from Smartsheet to QB?

Any tips & tricks, like ways to set up the estimate so that it seamlessly integrates?

Any other info to share?

I should note that it seems this can be done for time tracking, but I haven't seen any if about exporting project estimates.