How do I import multiple excel files into one Smartsheet sheet using data shuttle?


I have approximately 30 project plans that I am trying to combine into one master project plan for a specific department. I want to do this via data shuttle so that I can set up automations for when a task is either started or completed to go directly to the project manager so they can input the actual date, as the department lead will not be able to update the project plan themselves. I have several offloads for one upload but every time it runs it only pulls data and updates the sheet from one of the excel files. Is this not possible? I don't think I'll run into any of the data shuttle limitations as I am only pulling one department's tasks from each project plan and have the upload set up to update, add, or delete based on the actual completion date of the task.

I know I can just create a report, but reports don't have automations and that is what I am hoping to set up to help the project managers keep their project plans as up to date as possible instead of waiting for an update in their team's weekly meeting.



  • Ipshita
    Ipshita ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @rachel.scronce - as of now, I have not seen the capability to upload multiple source files into data shuttle to generate one master target file. It is always, one source file to one target file. However, I can suggest something else for what you are trying to achieve here - so go to your working sheer where you have the project data and you can use an automation workflow to alert the project manager when a task is started so he can update the project dates for you. It is very simple to set up and you can use the help on the automation to help you set it up. You can specify the criteria in the workflow and then it would be automatically sending reminders to the PMs to update the date columns for the tasks in flight.

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    Ipshita Mukherjee

  • Jonathan Gann

    You should be able to do this without offloading via Shuttle with DataMesh -- Unfortunately that will only do an Add + Edit solution, and won't delete records that are deleted in the source.

    If you're not worried about having to delete records, or are willing to take that step manually, running a report across all of the sheets then setting up a DataMesh to push all of the info to a master sheet should work.

    As far as bringing it all in via Data Shuttle, you'll hit the same issue where you can't expect it to delete records since it would need to Add+Edit on each sheet, and each sheet would delete the data from the other sheets if you left deleting active.

    If you had a spot where you could take the exports and combine them outside of smartsheet via sheet links, that may also be an option. I frequently run things that I can't quite get Smartsheet to parse properly through Google Sheets (query functions, etc).

  • rachel.scronce

    Apologies - I never came back to this to give an update. DataMesh was the solution I was looking for! Thank you so much!