Permission levels and sheet functions


I would really appreciate some explanation and help to resolve this problem.

I have shared with a new group a workspace, in it is a template of a sheet for them to use.

I have set up users in the exactly the same way and they are set as Admins. Some can use the template to create a new sheet, then set up the sheet and set a baseline for the project. This all works fine on a test account I use also.

Some in the group however when attempting in the same way to use the template are told they need a licence, also when using a current project sheet I set up for them they are not given the option to re set the baseline date.

I am confused as why some can and some can't use in the same way.

Also one member yesterday could not use the template or set baseline however today with nothing changed it works??

Appreciate some explanation and help to solve.

Thanks Chris