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Multiple Columns for Calendar View and App

I am not aware of any way to pull in multiple columns into calendar view or within the calendar app. I think being able to do so would be beneficial as the only workaround that I have found is to create a report and embed multiple calendar views of the report into a dashboard to see all of the dates needed.

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  • Kelly P.
    Kelly P. ✭✭✭✭✭

    Another workaround would be to use the sheet's primary column to gather and format the text you'd like to see on the calendar. For example, with the formula below in the primary column, I pull the task name (all caps to help it stand out) and several dates (each labeled within the formula).

    =Task@row + " | " + "Submitted Date: " + [Submitted Date]@row + " | " + "Approved Date: " + [Approved Date]@row + " | " + "Phase 1 Due Date: " + [Phase 1 Due Date]@row + " | " + "Phase 2 Due Date: " + [Phase 2 Due Date]@row + " | " + "Phase 3 Due Date: " + [Phase 3 Due Date]@row

    Hope this helps!

  • BecH.
    BecH. ✭✭

    Researching the archives of Smartsheet Community, this is a very common issue/ask that I was also trying to solve. Kelly P.'s response is the only workaround I know but it's incredibly frustrating and I cannot use it in my circumstance. I have used the new Calendar app but when embedding into a dashboard or page like SharePoint, you have to log into Smartsheet EVERY TIME you visit the page which is not conducive for our busy hospitals. Would love to see the same technology be brought to the calendar view as in the calendar app. I will submit an enhancement request but looks like that's been happening for a while.