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Update Okta SCIM Connector to Deactivate instead of Delete SmartSheet Users


Currently, when integrating SmartSheet with Okta and leveraging SCIM provisioning, the "Deactivate Users" feature on the Okta side will Delete the user's SmartSheet account, even if they are licensed and own sheets. This is problematic for automation purposes and results in pain from both security & user experience perspectives.

Now that SmartSheet has the Deactivated status, can the OIN (Okta Intergration Network) SmartSheet app be updated to Deactivate users instead of Delete them, whenever SCIM functionality is setup between Okta & SmartSheet, and the Deactivate Users functionality is enabled? See below, how we have Deactivate Users turned off otherwise folks get deleted in SmartSheet whenever they are unassigned from the app, or their Okta account is deactivated:

More info can be found here: Smartsheet Provisioning (, specifically:


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