Reports-Calendar View- Tasks from various sheets intermingled, how to fix?

TracyW ✭✭
edited 02/27/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I created a report to pull various training calendars into a master report. I have New Hire classes vs Cross Training classes color coded from Conditional Formatting. When I look at the Calendar View of the Report, notice how some of the blue colored tasks are falling under the green colored tasks. How can I keep all of the blue to stay together and all of the green to stay together?

On the original Task Sheet, all of the blue items are on the same sheet and then all of the green are on a different sheet. I tied to play with filters, groups and sort, but I couldn't get it to align using those tools (unless I am using the wrong function). I have included a screenshot from my Task sheet to show how I have it set up. Any ideas?