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Dynamic View - More Formatting Controls in Details Pane

We're beginning to role out Dynamic View processes to our organization, and we're starting to hear multiple pieces of feedback that all relate to the same issue - We have very little control of the formatting on the Details Pane. It would be a huge benefit if we had the controls to address the following accessibility issues:

  1. The font in the Details Pane is small and difficult to read. Obviously we can set the browser to be zoomed in more to enlarge the text - but there are a number of individuals that would require a lot of handholding to make this change, then reverse it. Comparing the font size to other products, it seems like this is around size 8 (quite small!)
  2. Check boxes are very faint and difficult to see. Depending on the monitor being used, the square for a non-filled checkbox can be very hard to see.

Additionally, it would be a great help if we could change the font color, size, and highlighting on a per column basis in the details pane. When the number of details that we need to show grows to a size that requires scrolling, it would be great to make these changes to draw the user's attention to specific fields.

Thank you

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  • Related: Please consider adding some formatting controls for the text in the Details Description field. I'm able to use some Unicode but it would be great to have a formatting mini-toolbar there.