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Table on Dashboard

I would like to propose adding the ability to add a simple table to a dashboard within the formatting of "Rich Text" for simple items, without having to build a sheet and / or report. This would eliminate an extra step for simple data in table format, keep dashboards looking clean, readable and sharp and also minimize the number of sheets / reports we have. Thank you.

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  • I have created many dashboards to report progress on projects. It is a common requirements to present numerical data in table form. Current widget options are difficult and clumsy to create and format. The biggest issue is aligning widgets to dashboard grid and having it compact and consistent. It just doesn't work.

    It would be great if there was a Table widget where each cell can hyperlink to a sheet summary field. Each column header should accept heading to be typed in or hyperlink to a sheet cell.

    If Smarthseet Dashboard had this capability it would be significant improvement.

    Let me know if any further info required. Happy to share further info or ideas as needed.