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I used to be able to use a single space in the RTF dashboard widget. Now there are two spaces between the lines. How do I get back to a single space? We use this for instructions. One of the instructions is to contact several different people. This is what the spacing looks like for just one person. Then I have to "return" twice to add the second person's contact info, etc. What changed, what am I missing, and what is the workaround? This looks ridiculous.

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @alwayslearning

    You're not missing anything; currently rich text widgets don't have a way of single-spacing to get rid of that blank space between lines (unless you're using a bullet point list).

    I know the Product team is reviewing Dashboards as a whole this coming year; please add your vote and voice to this Idea post so they can hear your feedback around formatting: Dashboard Improvement