Formula to calculate fiscal quarter when quarter starts on February

Hello, I'm very new to SmartSheet. I found a discussion from 2020 about doing a calculation for fiscal quarter and including year, but I cannot quite get it right. Our FY starts in February and ends in January of the next year. I'm trying to show the quarter and year as Q1FY24.

Here's is the formula based on one created by someone else. I can get the year and Q1 is now correct, but I can't get the quarters to show correctly for any other period:

="Q" + IF(MONTH([Planned Finish]@row) >= 2, "1FY", IF(MONTH([Planned Finish]@row) >= 11, "4FY", IF(MONTH([Planned Finish]@row) >= 8, "3FY", "2FY"))) + IF(MONTH([Planned Finish]@row) >= 2, RIGHT(INT(YEAR([Planned Finish]@row) + 1), 2), RIGHT(YEAR([Planned Finish]@row), 2))

Any tips on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated. I'm so close!



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