Product Development Inflight Project Dashboard

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I feel like I've looked at all of the templates and am still stumped on which one I would use to display a 2023 - 2024 project dashboard.

Currently my boss put it in a Excel but not in a way that you can sort. I want to be able to use Smartsheets to input all potential product launches under each of the categories. Below is how it looks in Excel. He has approx. 6 categories with anywhere from 4 - 10 sub-categories with projects listed below each sub-category. Has anyone had to do this and if so which template would you recommend I use?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Marcia562

    In the Template Gallery there's one called "Simple Project Plan" with one sheet, one report, and a rollup dashboard that may be a good starting point!

    The way I would personally set this up is to have each of your sections in the blue grid (on the left) set up as Hierarchy in a sheet:

    Then you can have a report (filtering out the Parent rows) to get your second view on the right.