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I have set up smartsheet form where it will send out request request twice a month to different recipients to input. Previously i had tested when the previously months request were sent out and if users did not input and submit their response, the link would still be available later. But recently i noticed that if the request was sent out in January, and users did not submit an update, but they submitted an update using the link sent in February instead, then the link from January became expired. So each link is now not completely individual, it is connected to the other months to determine if they are completed or pending.

Any workaround on this? I need the form to only include certain columns to be sent out and the columns also need to show the latest entry as default. This is how i currently have it set up but the issue i mentioned is a huge blocker.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Justina

    You are correct that the expected behaviour is that each Update Request link is unique and allows for one update per email sent, even if that update is on the same row.

    For example, if I sent out the same row on Monday, on Tuesday, and then again on Wednesday, I could then use each individual email to update the row three times, in any order.

    This means I should be able to open up Wednesday's email and use the Update Form to add in "Wednesday". Once that's been submitted to the sheet, I can go back to Monday's email and use the Update Form to open up the same row, which will now have "Wednesday" as the value in the cell, but then change it to something else. These form links will not be invalid.

    I've tested this today and all three links from the same row were valid for me. Is it possible that in your testing you may have opened up a link you had already used? I would recommend double checking the Date in your email with the date in the Update Request Log on the side of the sheet. You can also check the cell history in a cell to see when changes happened for that row.

    I hope that helps!



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