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Microsoft Planner Incorporation into Smartsheet Dashboard

Hello SS Community!

My team prefers the interface of Microsoft Planner for the management of day to day tasks. Any others out there who would love an integration to allow information from Planner to be fed into a SS dashboard? Right now I'm needing to export an excel and then bring it in to the dashboard as a screen capture. Not ideal and lacks in real time update. Would love your feedback and/or vote.

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  • My team would also be interested in this integration as a lot of our team members keep information for projects in Microsoft Planner (this was prior to us jumping on the Smartsheet train). Now that we use Smartsheet for most project management, the team still continues to keep their individual tasks in Microsoft Planner and then we have to manually transfer the updates to our project plans in Smartsheet. Very labor intensive process that would be mitigated with an integration between Microsoft Planner and Smartsheet.

  • We would also be interested in this integration. Our team has been using MS Planner for a while now and we have templates that we would love to import without having to rebuild them all from scratch.