IF(ISDATES and Blanks)


=IF(ISDATE([A]@row), IF([A]@row < TODAY(), "Expired", "Valid"), IF(ISDATE([B]@row), IF([B]@row < TODAY(), "Expired", "Valid"), IF(ISDATE([C]@row, "Valid", IF(ISDATE([D]@row, IF([D]@row < TODAY(), "LATE", "Out for Quote")))))))

I have the following statement above. I'm trying to have it say "Late" if Column C has no date and Column D is in the past.


  • J Tech
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    Hi @SmartsheetRookie

    It looks like there is a syntax error in the formula you provided. The part IF(ISDATE([C]@row, "Valid", should be IF(ISDATE([C]@row), "Valid",.

    Here's the corrected formula that includes the condition you mentioned:

    =IF(ISDATE([A]@row), IF([A]@row < TODAY(), "Expired", "Valid"), IF(ISDATE([B]@row), IF([B]@row < TODAY(), "Expired", "Valid"), IF(AND(NOT(ISDATE([C]@row)), ISDATE([D]@row), [D]@row < TODAY()), "Late", IF(ISDATE([C]@row), "Valid", IF(ISDATE([D]@row), IF([D]@row < TODAY(), "Late", "Out for Quote"))))))

    This formula checks if column C doesn't have a date and column D has a date that's in the past, and if so, it returns "Late". Otherwise, it continues with the original logic to determine if the row is "Valid", "Expired", or "Out for Quote".


    J Tech

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