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Dashboard metric widget: Sourced from report metric


The goal I'm working towards is a simple reporting dashboard that summarizes a lot of data.

The source data I'm working with a pretty full of extra stuff, so I use the power of reports to quickly parse the data I need, then summarize it to a top-line summed value.

I'd like to be able to post JUST that summarised data as a single value Metric "Widget" on our dashboard.

Currently, the Metric widget only can access sheet summary data. In practice, I could write a sheet summary formula to achieve the same result...but that's much harder and less transparent than a simple report. In this way, both the report, with all the details, and line-by-line summed values are available to parse, but the top-line result is posted on our dashboard.

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  • Warren D

    I think this is the same as my issue. I have created a summary report based on the sheet summaries of multiple sheets. It doesn't seem possible to add a widget to reference a summary report.