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Zsolt ✭✭✭
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Hi all! Ran into some snag with forms...

I have 40 items in 4 categories to rate. Putting all 40 items on a single form is not the ideal user experience (but if nothing else works, that's how the cookie will crumble).

So, I thought I would break the forms into four forms. One calling the other after each submission. I can create a helper sheet that collects the four rows and combine them into a single one.

Where my dilemma is that the original link included some arguments to autofill the form (these were hidden in the form). Let's say an id, for example. That id is generated dynamically by another sheet before. If I want to send the form to the second form after the first submission, that is a hard-coded URL in the form settings. I can't add the auto-fills to it. Which means my "id" will be present in the first submitted row only.

Any idea how I could identify that four rows that belong together?



  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Hi @Zsolt,

    Is there a unique identifier your users could provide in each of the four forms?

    Alternatively, if you could require users to log in to enter the forms, you could capture the Created By and Created Date, then link together entries by the same user on the same day (or a range of days, if each user wouldn't be entering multiple forms during that time period). If you don't want to require a log-in, you could have users provide their name, as long as they would be selecting it from a dropdown, or there wouldn't be a risk of them typing it differently across the four forms.

    Another idea:

    Have you considered using headers/dividers and conditional form logic to make your form more user friendly? You could group your questions using headers and dividers, and even populate questions as you go. As an example, you could set the field logic that when one field "is not blank," show the next question.

    I hope one of those ideas is helpful!

  • Zsolt
    Zsolt ✭✭✭

    Thanks Julie!

    I ended up using a single form. It already has logic, dividers, and headings built in. I just think it 2023 we should have pagination built in a form.


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