Invalid value (Problem with RIGHT, SUBSTITUTE and VALUE Formula



As the picture below shows, I am trying to extract 2 numbers from a cell that displays different formats (paper sizes). I need to set up a calculation with the 2 numbers. That is why I use the LEFT and RIGHT Formula to extract the text and the VALUE formula to change it to number format.

I also use the SUBSTITUTE formula because I need the decimal comma (",") instead of decimal point ("."). As you can see, the LEFT formula works perfectly, but the RIGHT formula hits an error (INVALID VALUE), when I add the VALUE formula.

LEFT formula:

=VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(FORMAT@row; (FIND(" "; FORMAT@row; 1) - 1)); ","; "."))

RIGHT formula (with error):

=VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT(FORMAT@row; LEN(FORMAT@row) - FIND("x "; FORMAT@row; 1)); ","; "."))

Has anyone an idea, what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, Kilian

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