Invalid Operation for simple formula


I have this formula that is returning INVALID OPERATION

=IF({AMR Location} = "Baltimore Mfg", AVG({AMR Level}), "")

The Location column is just text. The AMR Level is a number that is calculated from a pick list column.

=IF([Level of Professionalism]@row = "1", 1, IF([Level of Professionalism]@row = "2", 2, IF([Level of Professionalism]@row = "3", 3, IF([Level of Professionalism]@row = "4", 4, IF([Level of Professionalism]@row = "5", 5, 0)))))

I can successfully do an average on the whole Level column so I know it's converting to a number correctly.

Why am I getting the error when I try to do an average by location?



Andrea Zenner

Program Manager | Infrastructure & Operations

Apogee Enterprises

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