Using Duration to set predecessor task in advance of a fixed date/task



Can anyone explain how to use a predeccesor/successor relationship in the past on a schedule?

I have a fixed task 'start date' where the task sets the schedule for the sheet.

I want to have a task start -6 weeks from the 'start date' task, but dont know how to do this - when i try and edit the predeccesor, it will not let me use '-6w' in the duration column or as a 'lag time'.

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  • Frank S.
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    Greetings @doram_coastalcraft,

    To have a task start 6 weeks before the start of another task, use the following notation in the Predecessor column of your project schedule.

    Line#FS -6w

    Line # is the number of the line the task is located.

    The project settings must have dependencies enabled and the predecessor column identified.

    This will not work if the project setting is not correctly set.

    I hope this helps.

    Frank Smith, PMP

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