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Printing Issues with Embedded Smartsheet

NDSC ✭✭✭
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We have a Smartsheet embedded in a SharePoint page on our intranet. It is published using the 'Edit by Anyone' option. Our authorized users have no problem updating the Smartsheet, but when we try to print (by clicking on the printer icon on the toolbar), we get an error that says "The sheet that you are attempting to access is no longer published. Please contact the sheet owner." When we try exporting to PDF, nothing happens.

I have no problem printing or exporting from within Smartsheet; the issue is only with the embedded sheet.

Any advice?


  • Hello—

    You may need to do some troubleshooting to isolate where the problem is. Printing is ultimately handled by your browser, so I have a few suggestions for you to try:

    1. Try printing from multiple browsers to see if you get the same result. If you're able to print from a different browser just fine, disable your browser extensions to see if you have better luck with printing form the browser experiencing the issue.

    2. Does this happen with multiple people, regardless of the browser they use? If so, it might be the internal SharePoint site. You can troubleshoot further to determine that by copying and pasting the publish link (open the sheet in Smartsheet and click the Publish tab at the bottom, then select Get Link to find the publish link).

      If you're able to print just fine by opening the published version of the sheet in a new browser window, then the SharePoint site is interfering with the embedded version of the sheet. This may be due to it being an "internal" SharePoint or SharePoint not playing nice with the embedded sheet. You may need to work with your internal IT team to try and get around this, or consider offering the published link on the SharePoint site for anyone that wants to print.

    3. If any of the above doesn't work, then this may be a network or computer configuration issue. If you're able to try printing from a different network, or by using a different computer, that can help troubleshoot the issue.

    Contact our Support team if you're still stuck after trying any of the above. They can work with you to troubleshoot further.

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