Any way to automate a copy/paste into a date column?

In our schedule file, we have 3 date columns: Baseline Finish Date, Planned Finish Date, and Actual Finish Date.

The Baseline Finish Date is what is originally planned but may not always be accurate, so we use the Planned Finish Date to drive up-to-date planning and reporting. This column is linked out to the high-level overviews at both project and portfolio levels making this data critical.

I had previously used a simple =[Baseline Finish Date]@row formula to copy in the date to the Planned Finish Date column, but have found that cells with formulas cannot be updated from a report.

This is where I started investigating if I could set up an automation for when the Baseline Finish Date is changed (one time only at the start of a project) that Baseline Finish Date will be copied into the Planned Finish Date column.

I am not seeing an automation option to complete this as desired. Can anyone assist or provide a creative solution as a work around?

Thanks in Advance!


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