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I have generated a 'Project Management Template Packet' to be re-used by Project Managers each time they begin a new construction project. One important item we use is an RFI Form- used by field personnel to generate 'requests for information', which populate a Smartsheet used internally. This information is then processed by the PM in order to generate an external document for the client's design team with all relevant information.

Is there a way to clear form submissions so that the template can be copied and used again by a different PM and under a different project folder and form title? (the forms would be titled project specific for example)

Any help is appreciated!


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  • @Andrée Starå

    I might be looking for the same... I'm using the Project Management Office Template... In my Project Level Template, I have created forms that would be completed for each new project that populate the "Project Detail Sheets," which then readout on the Project Tracking and Rollout Dashboard... however, the forms (or links to the forms) inside the newly saved/created project-specific folder are populating the sheets in the original Template folder (0-Project Template(Save as New)), not the sheets in the newly saved/created project-specific sheets.

    Is there a way for the links to forms can automatically be updated to reflect the newly save/created project-specific folder and sheets? Or, would we have to cut and paste links into the newly save/created project-specific sheets every time?