NEW! Dashboards Design Enhancements

Jason DelValle
Jason DelValle Employee
edited 09/14/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

We are very excited to announce a set of dashboard design enhancements that will allow you to customize your dashboard more than ever before. 

Custom background colors for dashboards: Choose from a full hex palette of colors when setting up your dashboard background. This feature increases the design flexibility of dashboards and enables you to match your brand colors perfectly.

Custom background colors for widgets: Choose from a full hex palette of colors when setting up your widget background. Your widget colors can be the same or different from the canvas background. Note this feature will not change the background color of a widget's title or the title widget. Instead, you're able to change those title colors independently. 

Image widget display settings: Choose how the image widget displays an image on your dashboard with 'Fill,' 'Fit,' and 'Actual Size' settings, as well as the option to keep or remove an image's margin.

Expanded font library: Find the right font for your dashboard or tailor your design to a specific audience with an expanded set of web-safe fonts to choose from, including Helvetica, Monaco, Courier, and more.

These features are available for Trial, Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.

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