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Remove Total Row in Report for Qualitative Metrics

I am using the summary function within a report, and I am using the "First" option of summarizing to bring the latest date to the summary field. There is no need for the "Total" column at the top of the report when summarizing a quantitative metric like picking the latest date in the column.

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  • I am creating several reports that subtotal financial information by various groups (i.e. revenue, numerous expense categories, EBIT etc.). I do not want the reports to display a total row that sums all the revenue, expenses, and profit as this is misleading. Does the functionality exist to turn this off?

  • We would also like to be able to remove/hide the grand total row on a report. We need sums of percentages (up to 100% on groups, but it creates a grand total value for the percentages that we do not want to display on the report.