Important: Changes to the “delete user” process next week

Daniel Medved
Daniel Medved Employee
edited 09/14/23 in Product Announcements

Hello Community members,

As we work towards simplifying the user and asset management experience for Sysadmins, we need to make some changes to how you delete users that may impact your admin experience. Please note that these changes will take effect on April 11th, 2023. 

One of the pain points we’ve heard from our customers relates to how assets must be transferred when a stakeholder is deleted from Smartsheet. The details of this process can sometimes cause confusion or misunderstanding - for SysAdmins and users alike.

As part of the roadmap to address this and other issues, moving forward delete will be separated into three discrete steps. Specifically, moving forward, to delete a user, SysAdmins must manually 1) transfer ownership of assets and groups  2) remove sharing from all assets and 3) select “delete user”. Read more about this change here. 

We acknowledge that implementing this change may cause additional work in the short term for you. However, this is a required step as we work on some larger changes that will ultimately make your ongoing management of Smartsheet more efficent

Note: this change only applies to “delete user”. Smartsheet continues to recommend user deactivation as the preferred and most stable way of revoking someone’s access to Smartsheet. Deactivation has a few immediate advantages over deletion, while maintaining a high standard for the security of your Smartsheet data. 

Thank you,

The Smartsheet Team

Edit: April 11, 2023

Hi Community Members,

The changes to the delete user are now live. Please see the post above for more details regarding this change.