Workflow Automation changing cell contents

PeggyLang ✭✭✭✭✭

I have 2 'check' columns that indicate Start Confirmed and End Confirmed.

I have 2 Workflow automations;

  1. When 'Start Actual Confirmed' is checked then 'Status' changes to 'In Progress'.
  2. When 'End Actual Confirmed' is checked then 'Status' changes to 'Complete'

The issue I am running into is that when a user checks 'Start Actual Confirmed' AND 'End Actual Confirmed' and THEN saves the worksheet the only automation that triggers is the 'Start . . .' so the 'Status' is changed to 'In Progress'. The 'check' in 'End Actual Confirmed' does not trigger corresponding workflow automation.

Suggestions? Is there a workaround? Or do I need to instruct team to check 'Start . . . ' save and THEN check 'End . . . ' and save?



  • Phil E
    Phil E ✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/12/23

    Did you use any conditions in your workflow? Maybe add something where if status is one of "not started" then process it's workflow then add a second conditional path where the status is "in progress".

    You could also add a third conditional statement to include a scenario where the status is "not started" and both checkboxes are checked.