Stacked Bar graph showing quarterly progress

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Kia ora,

I am trying to show progress on on parent tasks over the year based on quarters, i.e.

Task 1 - Q1 = 59%, Q2 = 75%, Q3= 82%

Task 2 - Q1= 10%, Q2 = 45%, Q3= 56%

Task 3 - Q1= 100%

I have colour coded each quarter and am only wanting to to show the current quarter % complete in the graph, thus showing % complete to end of quarter for the task in total.

The problem I have is the graph keeps adding the %, so I thought I would have Q1 as % complete, Q2 as difference between Q1 and Q3 and then Q3 difference from 100 - The only issue I have with that is that it gives my "totals" label a small amount and not the correct amount. As well as it turns my axis at the bottom to numerical and not %.

Hope that explains my issue.

Thanks in advance.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Kia ora @Kiela!

    You would need to create the calculation per-quarter to show the difference before using that as the source. What I mean by that is you will want to subtract the previous quarter %'s from the current quarter, like so:

    Task 1, Q2 = 0.75 - [Q1]@row

    Task 1, Q3 = 0.82 - ([Q1]@row + [Q2]@row)

    Task 1, Q4 = value - SUM([Q1]@row:[Q3]@row)

    Task 1, Not Complete = 1 - SUM([Q1]@row:[Q4]@row)

    If you're using a formula to calculate the initial percentage per quarter, you'd replace that at the front of the formula where I have the number:

    Task 1, Q2 = formula - [Q1]@row

    Then you can take the resulting numbers and display them as individual donut widgets like so:

    Or you could then have your Stacked Bar chart, showing the % stacked on top of each other. In this instance you are correct, the X-Axis will be displayed as a decimal value. You could "hide" it by making the text white, or the same colour as your Widget Background colour:

    Please feel free to add your feedback to this Product Idea post on Chart Widgets!